Soon Delhi will become the sister city of Madrid, Spain and as Madrid is famous for nigh out places then Delhi needs to be. So we have tried to list every Night out places in New Delhi which you can visit. Have a look, and if you have any more suggestion then just mention the name in the comment and I will visit that & add it here…

Moolchand Paranthewala

Moolchand Paranthewala

Situated nearby the Moolchand Metro Railway Station, the Moolchand Paranthewala place is like many other hawking stalls offer wide range of food varieties. Parathas are the best food that is on offer here aside from gobi dopiyaza, aloo matter, and anda curry.

The place is mostly visited because of the dals, green chutneys, raitas, and the parathas that are hot and very delicious.

Baba Kharak Singh Marg

Enjoy a taste of Indian cuisine from Baba Kharak Singh Marg which is open until sunrise. Get to taste some amazing food like parathas, naan, chole bhature, dal makhani, and rajma chawal as well as other rice selections on the menu. Excite yourself and eat as many as you can because everything is cheap and really great to the taste buds. One will definitely not get hungry when in Baba Kharak Singh Marg.

New Delhi Railway Station

New Delhi Railway Station has a massive option of grub for people who ride the train. Try grabbing something on the way to somewhere even in early in the morning, like 3 am.

The foods look hygienic and inexpensive with a strip of eateries to choose from as well. The food stalls are located in the Paharganj Gate.

Bun Butter Chai

Bun Butter Chai

Bun Butter Chai is situated near Patel Chest, North Campus part of DU, and is home to the famous bun butter chai where the restaurant got its name, obviously. There are some awesome dishes in the menu that will delight some of its customers, but the boiled eggs that are cooked to perfection and the omelettes are to die for. The place is open until 5 am.

Pandara Road

Pandara Road

Pandara Road is situated near the India Gate and is open until 3 am. Pandara Road is home to a large number of restaurants and hawking food carts, in fact, they kept the road closed because of the large number of food stalls.

The most famous of the restaurants here is the Gulati, where most of the people go to get something to eat. Gulati is not cheap and is a very posh establishment, somewhere perfect for people who needed a place of relaxation before heading on home.

Little Own Café

Little Own Café Noida

Little Own Café is located in a prime area adjacent to the metro station of Secotr in Noida. The café opens from 8am up until 5 am the following day, perfect for people who are die hard insomniac to nestle during a fun stay at the city.

The café allot a handful of dishes for everyone to enjoy. The items that are a must to taste are the burgers and light sandwiches, garlic bread and some patties, pastas, and macaroni. They also offer Hookahs that are available in a wide array of varieties too.

Convergys Dhaba

DhabaThe business process outsourcing has made Dhaba flourished to a foodie scene. Since most of the call centers operate at graveyard shift, the workers in the BPO industry has mastered the art of eating in the wee hours as well during breaks.

Dhaba is now known to offer sumptuous variety of forage to choose from such as chicken parathas of onions and garlic, dal makhani, kadhai paneer, and many others. The place is a gastronomical haven for most people and is open 24 hours a day in the technological city of Gurgaon.


comesum delhi

Comesum is a family run restaurant that is open all night until near sunrise. The place is perfect for families to gather and experience the finest quality of food that is served from enormous number of cuisines all around the world.

Located mostly near railway stations, the major ones that is, Comesum is a good location for hungry railway passengers and party goers too, and not just families. The chain of restaurant now has a new branch that is in the nearby Inderlok Metro Station.

Mocha Art House

Mocha Art House

Nestled near prominent shopping centers Promenade, Vasant Kunj, and DLF, Mocha Art House is a perfect getaway after a stressful late night shopping with friends and some significant others.

Opens from 11 am to 1 am, and 11 am to 11 pm for happy hours, the art house can be a place where one could watch basketball and football game matches on the big TV screen while drinking booze or sipping a cup of coffee with good old comrades.

The Booty Call

The Booty Call Delhi

Opens from 9 pm until the wee hours of the morning, the Booty Call is a place to hang out for most insomniacs out there.

Located near Satya Niketan, the Booty Call is famous for its parathas, dim sums, and some Italian pasta. Aside from the food available, apparently, the restaurant also has a little space for someone to buy chocolates and medicines.

Jawaharlal Nehru University

When there are students, there is clearly food scene near its learning institutions, and the Jawaharlal Nehru University is not of any difference. Students of the campus in the South of Delhi enjoy eating at night while prepping up for examinations and class quizzes.

The stalls that sell food here are foods that are home made, and they are made well so they are safe, just like the place.

Late Tight Theka

Late Night Theka in Rohini is the place for people who love Bacchus. Aside from the famous bacchus, people can also enjoy drinking booze and other cocktails late at night. Drinks are hard to find at night, but it is always available in Late Night Theka.

Prices are on the higher side though, but it is worth every penny partly because of the amazing food and drinks. The place is open all night.

Paranthas and Chai

Paranthas and Chai is a place where people are mushrooming every night. The place is wild where people are served with hot paranthas and chais that are homemade, not to forget the milk teas that are the best in town.

The place is located at the AIIMS at the nearby Safdarjung Hospital Gate. Medical professionals and students frequent the place, and customers that have come from other cities just to taste its food creations.

Ganga Dhabha

Ganga Dhabha is a perfect haven for drinking cup of tea while snacking on tasty parathas and thalis. Some of the foods on offer are bread rolls, eggs cooked in different styles, and hot samosas.

They also have milkshakes for a very hot day. But here’s the catch, in order to eat here, you need to get access on the security force of the Jawaharlal Nehru University to enjoy these grubs.

Shivaji Stadium

Shivaji Stadium which is right infront of McDonalds near Shivaji Stadium Bus Stand where most of the people from the richer class down to the middle class march in droves at night to get a hold of the marvelous food on offer like the aloo parathe, kadhi chawal, and some other interesting gastronomical foodstuff.

The food is reasonable and parking is always not a problem, and the best part is, it is open all night.