Places to see or visit in New Delhi for couples and even everyone

//Places to see or visit in New Delhi for couples and even everyone

Places to see or visit in New Delhi for couples and even everyone

Places to see or visit in New Delhi for couples and even everyone

New Delhi is a city of culture, couples and a bit complicated people. But as you know that all there 3 C’s loves to explore the city and specially the young ones. So we (Hotel GTC and Lounge) decided to share one of the very best destination guide or as I said Places to see or visit in New Delhi for couples and even everyone. So without any delay lets start.Tweet this

1. Lodi Gardens

Named after an Islamic ruler, Lodi Gardens is a place to meet the high end locals and couples of Delhi. This destination was in news when Indian media captured Rahul Gandhi having an evening walk with her sister Priyanka here in Lodi Gardens.

Now thats not important now. This garden was built in 15th century and was redeveloped in 1936 by Britishers. If you are planning to visit this than also view a nice open terrace restaurant just next to the garden.

So if you want to spend a good time with your special pal or family, Lodhi Garden is the very best place in New Delhi.

Best time to visit Lodhi Garden – 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM

Nearest Metro Station –  J L N Stadium Metro Station. Just 2 kms away

2. Select City Walk Mall

Well Delhi has become a city full of Malls and south Delhi is blessed with some amazing ones. One of them is Saket Select City Walk mall. Opened in 2007, Select Citywalk soon become a favorite destination for shopping lovers in Delhi.

The mall has the presence of some major & global brands like Apple Inc, Armani etc. Thus a trip to Delhi will remain incomplete if you consider yourself as a shopaholic and you didn’t pay a visit to Select Citywalk.

What I personally loves about this mall is the size. Its so dam huge that one can easily spend some quality time with friends and family here.


Best time to visit Select Citywalk – 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Nearest Metro Station –  Malviya Nagar Metro and Saket Metro Station

3. Garden of five senses

You cannot find such a peaceful place like Garden of five senses in any other places. The place is utterly beautiful with its unique nature. It gives you peace and you can feel yourself at the place. It will take you far away from the cry of society.

If you are thinking that it is an ordinary garden then you are very wrong. The garden is made in a way so that it can awaken your all five senses. You can witness a number of beautiful things such as different plants, flowers, rocks, waterfalls, ceramic bells, sculptures and many more things.

Best Time to Visit : 5:00 Pm – 7:00 PM

Nearest Metro Station – Saket Metro Station – 1 Kms

4. Dilli Haat

Do you love shopping? Who doesn’t? It is sure that if you visit some new place then you definitely want to buy special items of that place for your partner. In Delhi,  Dilli Haat is the best place for shopping.

It is a traditional bazaar which sells homemade stuff from all the Indian states and the climate here is really calm and safe. It looks like an Indian village with small cottages and the surrounding atmosphere.

The market offers many things in reasonable price. So you do not have to spend huge amount of money. It is a daily market which is undoubtedly popular for different food items, handicrafts and many more things.

Best Time to Visit : 5:00 Pm – 9:00 PM and never in the morning

Nearest Metro Station – INA Metro Station – Walking Distance

5. Qutab Minar

A 73 mts long tower created by Qutab-ud-din Aibak on his victory over the last Hindu king of Delhi, Qutab Minar is a blast from the past. The tower is over 800 years old and was the symbol of strength of Islamic kingdom in North India.

Along with Qutab Minar there is an Iron pillar (7 Mts high) which is said to be build by King Chandragupta Vikramaditya back in 4th century AD. Have a look at some pics.

Best Time to Visit : 4:00 Pm – 7:00 PM

Nearest Metro Station – Saket Metro Station & Qutub Minar Metro Station- 1.5 and 2.3 Kms

6. Nehru Place Market

Nehru Place market is Asia’s largest computer parts destination and you can get anything and I mean anything related to personal computers, laptops, notebooks, tablets etc. Distance from greater kailash part 2 is just 2 kms and as every traveler loves to get a good deal on electronic so Nehru Place market has come into New Delhi tourism radar.

Also if you are planning to book a hotel near Greater Kailash, then contact is.

Nehru Place Market Delhu

7. Lotus temple

A temple crafted in the shape of a lotus, is Bahá’í Faith destination which is one of the 7 wonders of Delhi. The Bahá’í Faith believes in unity of god and so does Lotus temple. Here one can come and remember the god from the faith which she/he follows. The temple is situated in Kailka ji and 4 Kms from our hotel. Have a look at some amazing pictures of the temple.

Lotus Temple

8. Humayun’s Tomb

Very close to Lofhi Garden, Humayun Tomb is a popular tourist attraction and a fine example of Mughal architecture in New Delhi. Built in 1565 AD, Humayun Tomb was built to remember the emperor Humayun by his wife Bega Begam.

The tomb today is surrounded with beautiful garden, small water channels and is an amazing place to spend a picnic with your friends and family. My suggestion to you will to visit the Tomb after 4:00 PM as the sun won;t be harsh on you.

Humayuns Tomb

9. Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya Dargah

The Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah is a shrine of Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya and he is considered as a famous Sufi Saint in India and abroad. The Dargah is not only confined wi Muslims, but Hindus, Sikhs, Christians are easily noticed in the premises. Though this Darghah has been a popular tourist destination of Delhi but the boost given by Bollywood movies has really brought the Dargah in top destination of Delhi.

So if you have seen movies like Delhi 6 and Rockstar than you have seen sine glimpse of this amazing Dargah. So visit this house of Sufism and enjoy the amazing sound of qawwali.

10. Red Fort, Delhi

Red fort is has its history from the ancient days of Mahabharat, to the 11th century of Chauhans and the 1st independence movement of 1857 when the last Mughal Emperor of Delhi Bahadur Shah Zafar lead the 1st battle for Indian independence against East India Company.

Today Red fort is a symbol of Indian Central Government as the Prime Minister of India gives a speech of 15th August {Day of India’s Independence} and the fort is a fine example of Mughal architecture.

Well there are 2 Red Forts in India, one in Delhi and anther with Agra. And I am sure that if you miss to visit Red fort in your Delhi sightseeing that you missed a major tourist attraction of Delhi.

Reed Fort

11. Connaught Place

New Delhi is the capital of India and thus Delhi isn’t a state, so no capital for New Delhi. But who will tell that to locals who treat Connaught Places as the capital of Delhi.

This amazing market started in 1933 and is named after the Prince Arthur who was the 1st Duke of Connaught (1850–1942) is a popular shopping destination for locals and tourists. It is filled with all the major Indian and foreign lifestyle brands like Armani, Wills Lifestyle andsome of the finest restaurants in Delhi.

Connaught Places is also very popular among cinema lovers as it has cinema halls like PVR Plaza, Reliance Big Picture and Shiela Cinema (in Paharganj). Though today Delhi has many shopping malls but still they are nowhere close to the czarism of Connaught Place.

connaught place

12. Chandni Chowk

Chandni Chowk, is one of the famous market place of Old Delhi and is totally different than the long, wide streets of New Delhi. It is as old as the city itself and still manages to maintain its real image, real beauty throughout these years.

It is a very congested, crowded, chaotic place but still it always attract people especially the visitors. The streets of this area are one of the busiest streets of India with a number of cars, bikes, cycles, rickshaws and many more things.

If you love jewellery then it is the ultimate place for you. The narrow streets are full with several jewellery shops that offer amazing jewellery set at cheap price.

Many of these above destinations are in South Delhi and so is our hotel. You are most welcome to visit us.

Chandni Chowk

13. Gandhi Smriti

When you are in Delhi then it is really essential to visit Gandhi Smriti at least once. It will definitely amaze you by its beauty and purity. It is the same place where the father of the Nation was assassinated on 30th January 1948.

It will be a great experience for you. You will get to know different things about the great freedom fighter. He lived the last 144 days of his life in this house. His room is kept properly. You can visit his room as well. There is a prayer ground beside the home where he discussed over some serious issues at the evening. You can also visit this prayer ground. So just lend few hours for the father of our nation.


14. National Meseum

As you know Delhi is an ancient city of India. It is an open book of the Indian history so when you are in this great city you should definitely visit its museum. It is one of the heritage sites of India. It is situated at Janpath.

You can witness a number of archaeological, cultural as well as historical art crafts which you cannot find in any other state of India. This museum holds such a rare collection that will amaze you for sure. The Indian army has made a heritage gallery in this museum.  So you can also visit it to know different things of your country.

15. Rashtrapati Bhawan

It is a very renowned place of Delhi. The Rashtrapati Bhavan is something to definitely visit in Delhi. It has rich history as people believe that it was the palace of viceroys of India at British period. At present the president of this country live in this house.

The building has a royal impression that still looks new. It was designed by Edwin Lutyens. You will be surprised to know that the entire construction of the building took 19 years. There is a small garden attached with this building which is open for public.

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